Media Requests


In addition to her work in private practice, Dr. Ambardar serves as a medical and psychiatric consultant for Film and TV and is available for in-person or phone consultations upon request.

Dr. Ambardar  also conducts seminars and workshops for the general public in California and other cities worldwide. Her lectures strive to broaden the public’s awareness and acceptance of the importance of mental health and to lessen the social stigma associated with common mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Other topics Dr. Ambardar  lectures on  include the new field of Happiness Psychiatry™, Positive Psychology, and the use of Eastern techniques such as Meditation and Kundalini Yoga for better mental health.

If you are interested in contacting Dr. Ambardar for TV/media appearances, speaking events, or are interested in learning more about Happiness Psychiatry™, please e-mail or call (424) 666-8058.


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